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At the age of 17 Netta, the creator and designer of Nettart, was fascinated when she saw a friend knitting in an unfamiliar style. Upon acquiring the technique Netta started knitting and she has been knitting ever since - from bathing suits to evening dresses. "Knitting", as Netta puts it, "is primarily a means for self realization and creativity. The product itself is a fringe benefit".

Nettart integrates fashion and art. The knitwear is original, expressive, fashionable and timeless . Nettart knitwear is both luxurious and practical. Like a good wine it improves with age.

Nettart knitwear cares for the environment. The garments are hand made of pure natural materials such as wool, cashmere, silk, cotton and linen, without the use of polluting energy. The result is a soft, airy, caressing article of the highest quality, which ensures continuous beauty and comfort for many years.

The winter 2009 collection includes dramatic cape-like garments, colorful knitwear inspired by nature, fine romantic evening dresses with spider web texture, and classic cardigans.

One of a kind, like yourself. Your style is your image. Each item in the Nettart collection is one of a kind, special and unique. One of them will fit your personal style. You will never find it on anyone else.

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Mail: netta@netta-art.com